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Personal Insurance

Auto, Home, Valuables, Umbrella & Specialized Personal Policies

What are the odds that an accident, theft or other unexpected event will leave you at a loss? With an experienced assessment of your personal circumstances, plus our knowledge of policies and providers, we eliminate any need for worrying about what might happen. By planning and choosing wisely, we pledge that your personal insurance will deliver as promised.

Business Insurance

Property, General Liability, Workers' Comp, Professional Liability, Employee Practices & Other Industry Policies

Is your business vulnerable to liability, theft or other kinds of damage? If you don’t understand your exposure to potential loss, everything you’ve worked to build could be in jeopardy. As your risk management consultants, we research and recommend the insurance coverage necessary to safeguard your best interests and those of your organization.

Life, Health & Benefits

Life, Health, Disability, Group & Specialized Medical Policies

What are your priorities in life? Although you can’t buy good health or longevity, you can impact what will happen to your assets and your loved ones in the event of illness or death. Our professional guidance provides for your physical care and preserves the legacy you want to leave when the time comes.

"I can't thank Siegel Insurance enough for the wonderful job they do on a daily basis. We have been with them for a long time and I can attest that they are the best Insurance agency you could ever find. Andy and their staff including Nan always go the extra mile to make sure all our needs are met, that we are happy and we are totally covered. If it wasn't for the attention to detail of Nan we would have not been able to get payment on one of our policies. Andy is also very involved in the business and they are all very knowledgeable. You need a company like this. They have so much experience and their customer support is exceptional that you don't have to look anywhere else. I highly recommend this agency!"

Elaine Feinblum

"Andy and the team at Siegel Insurance have always provided the highest levels of support and services.  Whether in finding the most appropriate coverage models, competitive pricing or in their overall responsiveness to inquiries and requests, Andy has always gone the extra mile in making sure my family has been protected.  I feel confident in recommending Andy and Siegel Insurance, which I have done many times."

Matt Dickson 

"Sheldon took the time to review our old policy, ask questions about our life situation, and build multiple options for us to compare.  It turns out we would need that policy.  10 months later our home was struck by lightning and caught fire.  We were on vacation in Florida, but one again Sheldon, who happened to be in the area, drove to our home and connected with us by video.  Later, he helped us navigate the claim process and reviewed our policy options to ensure we had sufficient coverage in light of the claim.  There's no doubt without Siegel Insurance, our policy would not have been what it needed to be and our claim experience would have been much more complex."

Jude Cooks 

"I have been with the Siegel Insurance agency since Jerry (siegel) had hair and that goes back to 1962.  My son was involved in an accident that resulted in his car being totaled.  The insurance company was not offering a resonable replacement value so I asked for Andy's assistance to help me resolve this.  Thanks to Andy getting involved, we were able to obtain a fair value for the car and everything worked out very well.  These are great people to deal with.  They will certainly look out for your best interests.

Richard Davis

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